The bubble is our crowned achievement. It is a 48000 GG softener on the bottom and in the top a multitude of other medias including activated carbon, KDF, Bone-char 20/60 (Bone-Char 20/60 removes fluoride, lead and mercury) This unit will separate the medias for a more complete flushing, and a greater efficiency in operation.

As Im sure you are aware of the international controversy of fluoride.

We are the only country left in the free world adding Fluoride. If you go on line to research you will find Fluoride is an oral narcotic that you are being forced to take in your drinking water. You will now find many studies and good reasons for removing the additive, Everyone gets the benefit of Fluoride from tooth paste and mouth wash. Go on line and study the negative information on this topic.


The Bubble will make the water soft as well as remove impurities such as Chlorine, Ammonia, Fluoride, insecticide, gasoline products,

Lead, Mercury, etc as well as over 250 additional contaminants

From the water. Even though salt is used to clean the resin for softening there is 0 left in the water due to addition rinsing when the backwash is complete.

This unit sells for $2595.00 installed with a 15 year warranty.

The Bubble is designed, built, and installed by Tampa Bay Water Engineering