Tampa Bay Water Engineering first began under the name Jersey Industrial Chemical Products in Newark NJ by my father. We specialized in water treatment both residentially and commercial as well as commercial pools, cooling towers, and boilers. After being in business for 22 years we came south and started Tampa Bay Water Engineering in 1998, Now with my two sons involved we are looking toward the future.

We design and build water purification equipment for both commercial and residential, city water as we as private wells. We use only C249 resins, Calgon carbon (able to remove 100% of the ammonia and chlorine from city water) and KDF (www.kdfft.com). We also produce the only back-washable city water system (FR600) able to remove chlorine, ammonia, and Fluoride.

We are able to mix our recipes to the specific water companies to offer a custom designed water purification second to none. We are able to sell and install this equipment in some cases 1/3 the price of our competition because you are buying direct with out a middle man or high sales commissions, We also offer custom in-house financing programs.

We are successful in the removal of iron, bacteria sulfur and over 250 additional contaminants. We also install pumps for wells and bladder tanks bladder tanks,  We consider ourselves a full service water company and deal in water problems and new technologies. Our ownership and support group consists of a microbiologist, and chemical engineer. Jersey industrial Products Inc. has two patients for removing minerals off of boiler water lines.

Stephen Sills

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