The water comes from the well through a bladder tank, this is a tank with a rubber tube inside and allows 1/3 to fill with water and the 2/3s with air, this will send the water forward with pressure. From the bladder it will be sent through either a tablet or liquid chlorine injection system. { either chlorine or bromine} The water will then be sent to a chemical mixing tank {holding tank} with screens on the bottom. When water comes in contact with chlorine two things happen, one is the iron is separated from the water and two all bacteria is killed including sulfur. The iron will fall to the base of the tank and the water becomes microbiologically safe. The water is then sent to a final tank with green sand to capture any missed iron and 75lbs of carbon to oxidize out the chlorine, the final result is a pristine clean water being sent to the house. Different than ANY OTHER technology with this system you can turn the final tank into bypass and bring in chlorine into the house to clean the plumbing, hot water tank and faucets, then with the turn of a handle the chlorine is 100% removed.


the chlorination system sells for $2495.00 with out a softener and a package of $3595.00 with a softener. This price is installed, tax inc. and a 15 year warranty Equipment sold out of state must add trucking.