The Heritage TWIN SYSTEM

Did you know your drinking water can have over 4ppm of chlorine and ammonia?

Chlorine taken internally is a slow poison. That is why we use over 75lbs of activated carbon in this system to remove both. The system will also remove contaminants such as gasoline products, insecticides, fertilizers, and over 250 poisons.

The Twin System has the ability to handle resins than any other system where carbon has been added, and the same can be said for the carbon side. With additional levels of carbon, KDF, and independent cleaning valves on each sides make for increased efficiency and preservation of the media valves so this unit comes with a lifetime warranty. With a capacity of 60,000 gg this is certainly the system of choice for the large family.

This system sells for $3295.00 tax inc. and installed with a lifetime warranty. (please add $200.00 for shipping out of state) (out of state installation not included )

This system is designed and built in Brooksville Fl. by Tampa Bay Water Engineering